3 Simple Tips to Lose those EXTRA Holiday Pounds

tips Jan 05, 2018

Hey there!

Can you relate?

Most people "fall off the wagon" and put a complete halt on their weight loss goals for the entire month of December, only to have a rude awakening when their pants are snug now in January and they find themselves making the same New Year's Resolution to get fit...


This is why most people expect to put on pounds over Christmas.

Want to lose those unwanted holiday pounds?

I'm here to be the one sitting on your shoulder as your voice of reason, to make sure that you don't lose sight of your goal.

These 3 Simple Tips will Help you to Lose the Holiday Pounds:

Step #1: As The Rock famously says, "FOCUS!"

This January stay focused on what motivates you to get fit!

It's important that you don't lose sight of your weight loss goals. Remind yourself of all the hard work and progress that you've made up until this point. Keep your goals in TOPA (Top Of Mind Awareness). Be aware that those extra holiday pounds can trigger you to give up and eat more! Sometimes stress, family conflict, or even depression can be triggered. If this happens to you, try to address the root of your problems with solutions other than food or drink.

Step #2: Be Prepared 

The number one way to be prepared is to not be famished when heading to a business lunch or social dinner/event is drink a protein smoothie ahead of time to prevent overeating. 

Before you go, decide if you will indulge on an alcoholic beverage OR a dessert.  Try not to have both!

And choose a small plate instead of a large dinner plate and skip the appetizers!

Another important strategy is figuring out how to get in the gym, no matter how hectic your schedule. Finding room in your busy schedule for exercise will help you reduce the unwanted weight you put on over the holiday season.

Step #3: Sip for Sip

If you plan to have an alcoholic beverage, have a glass of water with it.  For example, for every sip of wine, have a sip of water.  You will reduce the chances of having a second glass, which means less calories and you'll avoid a hangover the next morning too! BONUS!!!

Follow these simple tips, and you will lose those extra pounds from the holiday season and start 2017 off right!

Exercise is a huge part of the equation when it comes to achieving weight loss.

I am passionate about seeing my members achieve results—without wasting time, energy and effort on mistakes. 

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Coach Crystal

Crystal M Mallari is the owner of R3VOLVELIFE Coaching & Weight Loss Studio.  She is a Lifestyle Transformation Coach & Certified Mindset Specialist: MPI-1


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