How to Renew Your Mind to Achieve your Health & Fitness Goals

motivation Aug 24, 2017

Today, is all about how to renew your mind, body and spirit. Now, we’re going to how to use these tools to achieve your fitness, health and weight loss goals, but, the awesome part, is that it can translate to any goal that you want to achieve.

This is because when it comes to your mindset, that’s where everything begins. So, renewing you mind, body and spirit, regardless of what your goal is. We will be specifically focusing on achieving your fitness goals, however, you can join any weight loss program, any gym, it will work, is what’s in your head.

You’re the only one that’s stopping you from achieving your goals.  Some programs out there are too challenging to maintain for the rest of your life. Point being, any weight-loss program will work, as long as you have the right mind-set.

Renew is something we would like to share with you, more specifically how we apply it within R3 and The Mallari Movement. We specifically use these tools during our weight-loss challenges.

We hold three, 8-week weight loss challenges a year, at the studio and online. We use these mindset tools and tactics, from day one, and there is growth work, personal development work, and journaling work, in order to make sure that our members with goals learn these lessons, in order to, not only to achieve their goals, but to crush the excuses that have held them back, from actually achieving them. So, let’s dive right into learning what Renewing your mind, body and spirit is all about.

(1.) Renewing your Mind

“Stop the Bullying!”.

Identify who the bullies are and where do they come from: Imagine there’s a street where you live, that you pass on a daily basis, but there’s these bullies who hang out at that corner, and they will not let you go without tempting you, taunting you, calling you names and what that represents are the bullies that live in your head.

All of that translates to the bullies that live in your head. Bullies that say you’re not worth it, or one bit’s not going to hurt, they may me real live people in your current life, or an innocent co-worker who’s pressuring you to go out for a drink when you’re on a diet. Those are the bullies you need to identify and what triggers them. 

(2.) Renewing your Body

“Kill Bound Nature Plan”

Reflect Daily When, where and why your excuses (a.k.a. "bound natures") show up: This goal must have a game-plan. 

Learn their triggers and ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Is this going to help me move towards my goal?

2) Am I going to feel guilty?

3) Will it snowball?

Let’s say you’re at the office and you see Crispy Cream donuts in the kitchen, and you’re really tempted to eat it.

Stop and ask yourself:

1) Is this going to help me move towards my goal? No, your goal is probably to get healthier and having the donut definitely won’t help.

2) Am I going to feel guilty? Yes, chances are it will.

3) Will it snowball? Yes, as very few people are able to stop after one.

Take a quick second to stop and ask yourself these three questions before you react to them, and that way before it escalates quickly, you’re able to take a second and remember your end goal, and not allow your sin-nature to take over. You can finally stop being bullied.

(3.) Renewing Your Spirit

“Your Extra-Ordinary Life”

Write down what your “EXTRA-ordinary” life looks like: Your spirit is your free-nature. Your true-self. The most loving, healthiest, happiest version of yourself. So, to help you achieve your goal (we’re going to focus on fitness) we want you to write down what does he or she look like. If you were able to live in that body and mind right now.

How would you think? 

How would you look (physically and emotionally)?

What would on average day look like?

Achieving your goal is way more than eating clean and exercising. Your mindset is what we at the Mallari Movement and R3 are trying to teach you. We therefore want to serve people like you, who are stuck, think it’s too late to even begin or simply think that that’s just the way life works.

That already is a certain mindset, which is why we are so passionate about mindset coaching, just as much as we are about the fitness and nutrition portion. You must understand that through this process there are a lot of behavioural changes that you would have to make and modify within your lifestyle. It therefore boils down to the mind, because once that mind is fired up, everything else just falls into place. You have a choice every day to catch yourself before your situation escalates. We want to make that decision in the mind and fill our free spirit nature 110% of the time, in order to have that extra-ordinary life.

If you don’t kill the bullies in your head, they’re going to kill you.

That’s why we say it starts with the mindset. It doesn’t have to start with the body. Although your main goal is to lose weight, we take the time to take our members in deeper. So, at the end of the challenge, we don’t focus on the weight results, but more so on the transformation of mind, then body.

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