5 Nutrition Myths

food healthy nutrition Jul 15, 2017

1.       When you eat junk food, you can just burn it off.

Let’s say you crave a doughnut for breakfast. That would contain no less that 350 calories. Depending on what you do, it may take half-an-hour to an hour to burn off. Will you take the time to put in the work? Consider that you may feel tempted to eat something unhealthy again, later in the day. The calories will then add up quick and trying to burn them off, on top on extra calories you are already trying to lose, can become close to impossible.


2.       It’s okay to eat as much protein as you want.

Too much of anything can be bad. This can definitely apply to protein. Side-effects of too much protein can therefore include bad breath, moodiness, potentially damage your kidneys, may feel constipated/bloated, or even, in the long run end up gaining weight.


3.       Eating after you exercise cancels out your...

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The Coconut Oil Dilemma

healthy nutrition Jul 07, 2017

As of June, this year, the American Health Association released a presidential advisory on the connection between dietary fats and Cardiovascular disease. The study suggested the reduction of saturated fats, which included coconut oil. This therefore placed coconut oil in the same company as dairy fat and lard. The study continued mentioning that “A recent survey reported that 72% of the American public rated coconut oil as a “healthy food” compared with 37% of nutritionists”.

All that read were shocked and suspicious as coconut oil has always been known in the home as a great source of nutrition. Dr. Josh Axe a nutritionist and DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine) estimates that there are over 1,500 studies proving coconut oil to be one of the “healthiest foods on the planet”. These articles rave about the benefits on coconut oil, which include, treating Alzheimer’s, preventing and treating cancer, boosting the immune system, improving energy...

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