How to Refresh Your Mind to Achieve your Health & Fitness Goal

motivation Aug 24, 2017

 Today we will be focusing on Refreshing your mind body and spirit. What we mean by ”Refresh” is maintaining focus on your why when life tires your inspiration and will power. Without a deep Why, every excuse is going to be more powerful.

Two things that your Why usually stems from are: Fear, or Love. 

One of our members shared her story of waking up every morning hoping to begin eating clean. Yet everyday at around 4pm, after a frustrating dispute with her conscience, she can’t help but eat the wrong thing. She therefore asks what she can do to stop herself from giving in. In order to help her with her goal, we stress the importance of the right mindset, because the only person you are in competition with, is yourself. To therefore defeat the discouraging voice in your head, we use a method called the “Your 10 Deep Why”.

You begin with your surface reason, and keep asking yourself why. You’ll know when to stop when your answer is good...

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How to Renew Your Mind to Achieve your Health & Fitness Goals

motivation Aug 24, 2017

Today, is all about how to renew your mind, body and spirit. Now, we’re going to how to use these tools to achieve your fitness, health and weight loss goals, but, the awesome part, is that it can translate to any goal that you want to achieve.

This is because when it comes to your mindset, that’s where everything begins. So, renewing you mind, body and spirit, regardless of what your goal is. We will be specifically focusing on achieving your fitness goals, however, you can join any weight loss program, any gym, it will work, is what’s in your head.

You’re the only one that’s stopping you from achieving your goals.  Some programs out there are too challenging to maintain for the rest of your life. Point being, any weight-loss program will work, as long as you have the right mind-set.

Renew is something we would like to share with you, more specifically how we apply it within R3 and The Mallari Movement. We specifically use these tools during our...

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The Mindset of a Successful Woman

motivation Aug 04, 2017

At R3VOLVELife, mindset plays a huge part in what we teach. We believe that once one is committed to the right mindset, their chances of achieving their goals become twice as likely. A few tips from empowering women is a great place to begin.

Learn from Failure

            A successful woman isn’t derailed by setbacks. Rather she is open to them, and sees them as teachable moments that allow for growth and improvement. She analyses her mistakes, so that she is prepared for the next time life challenges her. Most importantly, she never lets it stop her from achieving her goals.

“Failure happens all the time. What makes you better is how you react to it” -Mia Hamm (professional soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, two-time FIFA Woman’s World Cup champion)


Be Open to Change

            Change, for anyone in general can be daunting. It is human...

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5 Quotes to Keep You Focused

motivation Jul 21, 2017

1. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. -Jim Rohn

2. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

3. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. -Napoleon Hill

4. I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse. -Florence Nightingale

5. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. -Amelia Earhart

These five quotes speak of the importance of doing what needs to be done. Meeting your goals requires consistent focus despite what life throws at you.

We at The Mallari Movement wish you good luck!

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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

motivation Jul 18, 2017

1.       Get Your Priorities Straight

Stop procrastinating, and telling yourself that you’re doing it tomorrow. Rather that bending and breaking your weight-loss plans because of your life, whether it be time to work out or, time to cook something a little healthier than your usual quick fixes, schedule time in your life NOW.


2.       Reward yourself along the way

By celebrating the small achievements, you are gaining something through your journey. This provides motivational reinforcements, when you feel like giving up.  


3.       Select the Right Motivation

Rather than motivating yourself with a picture of just another skinny model stuck to your mirror, grab that piece of clothing in your closet that you’ve always wanted to wear, but never had the confidence to. By doing so, you are setting a realistic goal, as the piece of clothing is around your current size,...

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The Rabbi with Barbells

faith motivation Jul 14, 2017

Rabbi Carolyn Braun is the state of Portland’s first female Conservative rabbi. Although coming from a non-religious family, knew that she wanted to become a rabbi at the age of 10. However, her story gets even more unconventional. Fitness had always been a part of her life, as she used to run. She also worked out with Israelson (member of six US powerlifting teams and a two-time world champion) where she worked on general fitness and strength training, before Israelson suggested powerlifting. Fast-forward March of 2017, Braun competed in her state’s first-ever all-woman’s powerlifting competition, lifting almost 600 pounds across three events. She says, “In powerlifting, you have to be very centered, very balanced. Somebody’s helping you do that… It balances my life incredibly”.

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The Effects of Exercise on the Brain

fitness motivation Jul 14, 2017

Something to keep in mind, before you decide to skip Monday’s workout, due to the stressful day you’ve had: Physician Monique Tello often prescribes exercise to her patients as a way to improve their cardiovascular health, weight loss regime, stress management and moodiness. The benefits of exercise are therefore numerous. Specifically, exercise can boost brain function as the increase blood flow provides more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. It also releases hormones that aid in the growth of brain cells. The best workouts however, are those that various parts of the brain, i.e. Co-ordination, rhythm and strategy.

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Motivation Through Food

“I found myself listless and enormously anxious, slogging away at a corporate job that I didn’t enjoy. I also became disillusioned with the social routine of late nights and hungover, greasy brunches, which seemed to get so many people through the workweek.” -Laura Lea

10 years ago, the life of Laura Lea, a newly graduated English Lit. student from the University of Virginia, who just moved to the Big Apple, consisted of mind-numbing routine. In the process her shiny, simple view of life deteriorated and anxiety built up, as she got accustomed to the life of the typical New York workaholic. Her situation often led her to eat alone, and, dreading requesting for a table for one, she resorted to cooking.

Laura, from living with her family in Nashville was accustomed to cozy home-made meals, therefore, in an attempt to occupy herself, she took up cooking. So, with a tight budget, her visits to farmers markets became more frequent. She began with a focus on vegetables,...

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Lifting Weights

motivation May 08, 2017

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Want to eat that extra piece of pizza without feeling guilty? Lift weights. When you lift weights, you improve your body's metabolism. Studies have shown that an increase in type II muscle fibers can reduce body fat without changes to diet and might be effective in the fight against obesity.


Anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting, show little difference between aerobic exercise, such as running, in terms of how well they relieve symptoms of depression.  After training with weights, an instant release of "feel good" hormones called endorphins and a feeling of accomplishment after you finish your workout helps those feeling symptoms of depression.


As you get older, you naturally lose muscle and bone mass.  Just as your muscles adapt to the stress of weightlifting by becoming bigger and stronger, your...

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3 Major Perks of a Strong, Firm, Perky Butt with Anything Butt

motivation May 03, 2017

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Ever wonder why JLO, the Kardashian sisters and Nicki Minaj pay TONS of money on their booty's and have such a HUGE obsession about taking care of their butts?

More than likely it helps to sell their brands, HOWEVER, we want to share with you 3 Perk's to Perking up your behind...

...Check out the 3 P's and why sculpting, toning and firming your butt has major benefits:


Powers Your Body

The glutes are the largest muscle group in the body, and produces four distinct actions: extending the hips, swinging the leg outward, rotating the leg laterally, and tilting the pelvis backward.  Whether you're an athlete or a mom chasing after your little ones, strong glutes increase your force and power during everything from sprinting, jumping, squatting to climbing, swinging, and moving from side to side."

Protects Joints

A stronger butt can mean healthier knees, as well as a pain-free lower back and hips. Strong glutes ensure that the femurs track properly over the toes...

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