3 Simple Tips to Lose those EXTRA Holiday Pounds

tips Jan 05, 2018

Hey there!

Can you relate?

Most people "fall off the wagon" and put a complete halt on their weight loss goals for the entire month of December, only to have a rude awakening when their pants are snug now in January and they find themselves making the same New Year's Resolution to get fit...


This is why most people expect to put on pounds over Christmas.

Want to lose those unwanted holiday pounds?

I'm here to be the one sitting on your shoulder as your voice of reason, to make sure that you don't lose sight of your goal.

These 3 Simple Tips will Help you to Lose the Holiday Pounds:

Step #1: As The Rock famously says, "FOCUS!"

This January stay focused on what motivates you to get fit!

It's important that you don't lose sight of your weight loss goals. Remind yourself of all the hard work and progress that you've made up until this point. Keep your goals in TOPA (Top Of Mind Awareness). Be aware that those extra holiday pounds can trigger you to give up and eat more!...

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This fat loss tip works

tips Mar 03, 2017

You're feeling nauseous from the weight loss roller coaster...and I don't blame you.

Your whole life you've been eating healthy and exercising, and yet still haven't met your fat loss goal.


This is the frustraing questions that all dedicated fat-loss-seekers find themselves facing, time and time again.

Why won't the weight come off? You are doing everything you can think of to lose weight!

It's time to come face-to-face with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...and until you do, you'll be stuck in this plateau...and clean eating and exercise will continue to not give you the body you desire.

There's one simple thing standing between you and the healthy, fit, body you want.

Yup, that's right only ONE.

And here it is...You eat too many calories.

That's it.  That's all. 

Figure out the soluiton and your body fat will drop.

Wait, don't give me the excuse that, "I only eat organic, healthy food" That's awesome, but even eating too many healthy...

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